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Sunday, April 10, 2005

First Kurdish President

On April 6 2005, PUK leader Jalal Talabani became the first non-Arab and the first Kurd to ever become head of an Arab state. There were celebrations all over Iraq, especially up north in the Kurdish regions, even the KDP leadership and TV channel, who have long been enemies with Jalal Talabani and the PUK, sent their congratulations, they said “this was a major achievement for the Kurds”, but was it really?

By Jalal Talabani accepting the post as President of Iraq, does that mean that we as Kurds now accept that we are an integral part of Iraq?
And despite the fact that Mam Jalal is Kurdish, he is the leader of Iraq so does that means we as Kurds are once again under the leadership of an Iraqi government ruling from Baghdad?
We as Kurds saw this as a major victory over the Arabs, but did we really win everything or did the US only hype up the position and cater to our ego's by giving us a post with no real power just to appease us?