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Sunday, February 13, 2005

The near future of Kurds in Iraq

So now we have the Iraqi election results, we can see at least in the short-run, where the fate of the Kurds and all Iraqis is heading and what key issues will be dealt with.

Firstly I have to congradulate my Kurdish brothers and sisters for their dedication and enthusiasm during the election process. However I must admit at one point I wasn't going to vote because I was very skeptical of Americas foregin policy towards our Kurdish nation. I still feel they may betray us but then who am I to predict the future? But anyway, thanks to some close friends and family I was able to see past my skeptisism and doubts and I saw that this was a historical event for our people and it showed how, although we live in such an unrighteous world, we as Kurds fight for freedom and truth, and for this reason I finally voted.

I was quite surprised at the results. Iraqi Shiite only got 49% of the votes and Kurds got more than expected. Our 26% has put us in a very powerful position for negotiations over the permanent Iraqi constitution, which no doubt there is going to be some serious conflicts of interests over. Also no doubt it is going to be the Kurdish demands which are going to be the center peice of the negotiations. We're going to be in a strong position to negotiate because not only did we get a considerable share in the national elections but we had the majority of votes in Kirkuk, Mosul and other regions which were previously subjected to "arabization". So this means it is the peoples "democratic" right, in the fore-mentioned regions to decide on their own future, because afterall democracy basically means power by the people for the people, and also America's reason for invasion is to spread democracy to Iraq.

Now my patronising tone in the past paragraph was due to the fact that it is obvious what our enemies are going to argue in this crucial process which will determine the future of Kurds and Iraq. They will oppose Kurdish demands for Iraq to be based on a federal system and also for Kirkuk to be part of the Kurdish "Federal" state of "IRAQ", and possibly even Mosul now that the majority of the votes were cast by kurds. Also they will oppose our demand for a Kurd to be president, because of course in our enemies eyes that is close to "blasphemy" and I wish I was being sarcastic.

Because the efforts of our Kurdish leaders who made sure that the Tranisitional Administrative Law (TAL), no one party in this new upcoming government can appoint members of the cabinet or the prime minister without a two thirds majority in the Iraq assembly. This means that the Shiites will have to look to us to make up that two thirds majority if they wish to have their man as the premier and also to write the consititution.

My happiness would be much greater however if we didn't have so many dogs barking at our doorsteps, who have no right to be making pathetic threats when they have no jurisdiction to be intervening in Iraqi affairs. The loudest of these dogs is Turkey, which will try any attempt to prevent Kurds getting any sort of power than what we have currently gained, and this is where my doubts stem from because will the main power in Iraq, namely the USA, side with its Kurdish allies or its older and more important Turkish allies?

This is my main question, and I'm still weighing up the USA's interests, well at least those that are apparent to the international people, so that I can come up with my own prediction for who they will place more priority with the Turks or the Kurds?

Well whoever the US decides to side with the outcomes in both instances will be evident. On one hand if America decides to go with Turkey and betray the Kurds, then of course that great old Kurdish habbit of rebelling against great powers will be seen on a scale larger than ever before, and they will have to fight the deadliest of guerilla fighters in the middle east. Forget about the Islamists, they will be fighting Kurdish Nationalists with a burning desire to die for our people, and we dont befoul the holy verses of the Qu'ran. We will fight for the basic rights of humans all over the world. This scenario will be the devastating for both Kurds and the USA and it will yield no fruitfull result. Then on the other hand america can say they will stay true to their mission in Iraq and side with the Kurds, in which case they will gain credibility internationally and can tell Turkey to basically to shut-up and be a good puppy. Also I dont think Turkey will be stupid enough to jepordise their efforts to join the EU or their credibility world wide. This will be the most productive of the two scenarios and if there are any future conflicts they will only be confined to Iraq and not the whole region.

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