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Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Kurdish Image

Whenever I turn on KURDSAT or look up anything to do with kurds on the net, or in books it seems the same image of the suffering kurd comes into mind. We as kurds have this image of being the poor suffering people who are either always getting crushed or are crying and dying. It is a pityful image of a people who can't help themselves and are always asking for help and begging for mercy, and moaning and complaining, and this angers me because if anything we are totally the opposite.

I believe as kurds we should be portraying the image of a proud and dedicated people who don't care who we have to fight to get what we want. Instead Kurdsat and the Kurdish websites show pictures of crying children and fleeing refugees. Do they not wish to show pictures of the vicious mountain people that we are who throughout history have menaced and terrorized every great power who has made the mistake of occupying our land? I know we have suffered alot especially in this past century, but it's not like we haven't given back as good as we got. I remember when I was little hearing stories about how 8 peshmargas would terrorise platoons of the Iraqi army, and its not like the Iraqi army ever inflicted heavy casualties on our armed forces. They like all our enemies have always targeted our civilians because they couldn't do shit to our forces. In the Halabja gassing all but 4 people were civilians.

Also throughout history almost every great power in the middle-east had elite forces that consisted of kurds. The ottomans had the janissary which recruited most of its troops from our mountain tribes. Salahadin's best foot soldiers were kurds. Not to mention he himself was a kurd and probably the only respected muslim figure in the west, even more respected then the prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Afterall Salahadin was the saviour of the Muslim people when the Crusaders were terrorising the Muslim empire.

Even if you look back to the first ever records of Kurdish people you would see that we were renound for being skilled warriors. Check out this link:


especially the bit about the Greek general Xenophon. Its the oldest record of Kurds appearing in history.

Ok maybe I may be giving a picture of a people who love nothing more than fighting, but the point im trying to make is that we need to stop making ourselves look so week and pityfull, and portray a more strong image of a people who can survive against the greatest of odds. I mean we are famous for never giving up, like even when our brothers and sisters were tortured by turks and arabs it made us even more determined to seek revenge on those who dared fight us.

I hope it is just me who sees this image and if you disagree then do say so because it would ease my mind a little.

Finally look at this link and tell me what you think?