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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Election Update

Hey this is a quick Election update for the elections in the Kurdistan Regiion. I got these from a trusted source, and are very reliable.

Firstly in the Sleymani "Pareyzga" or Province:
742,756 People voted, and the results are (in order of highest):

PUK - 516,619 (70%)
KDP - 87,675 (11%)
Yekgrtuy Islami - 71767 (9.73%)
Komali Islami - 48,949 (6.63%)
Communist - 5086 (0.69%)
Socialist - 4674 (0.63%)
KTP (Zahmetkeyshan) - 2655 (0.36%)
Tajamut (The Group0 - 168 (0.03%)
PPK (Pareyzgaran) - 131 (0.02%)

Making PUK winners of The Sleymani Province.

In Hawler. I do not as of yet have any percentages or how many people registered to Vote however I will tell you how many people voted for the two main parties i.e KDP and PUK, and how many seats were given to both.

The KDP (They submitted a united list, with Yekgrtu, Socialist, the Turkmens and Communist (although they may have been different)) they recieved 317,000 votes and PUK recieved 253,000 votes. There are a certain number of seats assigned to each party, here the difference between KDP and PUK is 2 seats (23-21 KDP-PUK is what I was told it could also be like hawlati predicted 30-28). You may be wandering why there is only a two seat difference between the parties, when the difference in the vote is so much well thats because like I mentioned before the KDP list consissts of other parties who will also be assigned seats.

In D'Hok it was an out wright KDP victory, also in certain areas such as Mosul the Kurds had a very good turnout, however foul play and sabotage has damaged the vote and the results are to be confirmed. Also in other Sunii areas like Qut, and Tikrit areas Kurds also had a very good turnout.

However the best News of the day comes from Kerkuk, where it has been confirmed that the United Brotherhood List (i.e KDP, PUK and some Turkmen and Arab parties) have got more than 75% of the vote which means 43 out of 58 seats. Also, even better all the non-Kurds part of this list are all pushing for Kerkuk to be re-united with Kurdistan.

So far so good for Kurds... But watch this space for more updates...