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Monday, January 24, 2005

Top Zarqawi Aid Capture in Iraq

Before i get started on this post I want to say thanks to Swara who let me sign up to his Blogg and make posts.

Iraq captures 'top Zarqawi ally'
Iraq has captured the "most lethal" ally of militant leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the interim government announced, days before the election.

Sami Mohammad Ali Said al-Jaaf, also known as Abu Omar al-Kurdi, is accused of many bombings, including a blast at the UN headquarters in Baghdad in 2003.

The arrest was reportedly made on 15 January, but not immediately revealed.

A BBC correspondent says one government source played down the significance of the announcement, noting the timing.

Hours earlier, at least 10 people were reported injured in a suicide bomb in Baghdad, close to interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's party offices.

The blast was claimed by Zarqawi supporters in a statement on an Islamist website.

'Major attacks'

The Iraqi government is labelling the arrest of Abu Omar al-Kurdi as a significant victory ahead of Sunday's election.

A government statement said the suspect is accused of building about 32 car bombs since the US-led invasion, including three major attacks in August 2003:

  • The deadly bombing at the UN headquarters which killed the top UN envoy in Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello, and 21 others
  • A bombing at the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad which killed 11 people
  • The car bomb at a shrine in the city of Najaf which killed more than 85 people including Shia Muslim leader Ayatollah Muhammad Baqr al-Hakim.

The government also announced the arrest of a man described as Zarqawi's propaganda chief.

Zarqawi - who tops Iraq's most wanted list - has apparently declared war on Iraq's election.

An audio message released on the internet at the weekend, purportedly voiced by the Jordanian-born militant, called on Sunni Muslims to fight against the vote.

Insurgents have been staging regular attacks across the country, making campaigning virtually impossible.

Even the locations of the polling stations will not be announced until the night before the vote, and the massive logistical operation of getting ballot boxes and papers in place will be carried out in secrecy.

The interim government has announced sweeping security measures to protect voters, including extended curfews and shutting Iraq's borders for three days around the poll.

Now although this is obviously great news to most iraqi's and all kurds, it does however make you wonder as a kurd why are kurdish people invovled in all this non-islamist fundementalism and utter betrayl of the kurdish people???

I know this isn't surprising for us kurds because we all know that ansar or jund-islam have been around for a while in south kurdistan and before them many other groups like haraka and komali islami. But it still frustrates and angers me how kurds when faced with a greater problem of achieving self-determination, adopt this pointless and treacherous war against the west and their own muslim brothers and sisters.

Also it's no surprise that kurds betray kurds, afterall our history shows that it is our one true weekeness and in most kurds opinions the one real reason why we have no country. But still kurds betray each other and continue the deadly patern of betrayl toward one another.

In the middle-east this deadly habit we have has earned us the title of 'mercenaries of the middle-east', because we are willing to betray our people for other dishonourable reasons. And what frustrates me even more is that we are so effective at what we do. Only if we were united we would be a very dangerous force.

Just take this guy in the BBC article for example. He is either responsible or linked to two of the most deadly and symbolically signifacant attacks since the US led invasion. Also for those of you who don't know but both the UN envoy Segio Mello and Baqr Hakim were sympathetic towards the kurdish struggle for self-determinance. Both the attacks that led to the deaths of these two men were very embarasing for the US and were good weapons of propaganda in undermining the liberation of Iraq.

When will we finally learn from our mistakes and unite for the greater cause as kurds?

Well anyway this is good news and we should celebrate, but we should also learn from this example and all other examples of kurdish betrayl. Har Bji Kurd-u Kurdistan