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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Election Results

Ok I'm going to do something different here and write about the elctions in Kurdistan, I decided to do this as there are alot of other very good blogs like Kurdos World (Who I would like to thank for his help, with my own blog), KBU and London Kurd which have already covered the topic of elections in their area.

So.... after making numerous calls back home (Kurdistan) to see how the elections are going, and speaking to many people including some top politicians. I have been given some top notch info on how the elections are going, the results in the Kurdistan Regional election and THE KERKUK RESULT!

Firstly, I would like to say how dissapointed I am that the KDP, has again like the 92' election, pervented the course of justice and robbed the elctorate of their vote. What's even worse is the 4000 voters they took back from Kerkuk to vote in Hawler instead. I am not sad as much for the parties who lost out, but for that fact that this will make kurds look bad and the fact that it could jepordise our whole election effort. Hawler is a city which has suffered alot due to party politics, and it is sad that again it will be forced to endure more. However, I hope in the next elextions which will be coming up within the year or so, that most of the independent adjudicaters will concentrate on the KDP controlled areas to prevent this from happening again.

On the other hand I am pleased to inform that the rest of the elections have gone very smoothley there have been thank God no terrorist attacks in any of the Kurdish areas, and there has been a massive turnout.

In the "Parezga's" or provinces, that is D'hok, Hawler and Sleymani the regional winners are as follows: (You Guessed it)
D'hok: KDP
Hawler: KDP
Sleymani: PUK

I wasn't told the actual figures as they have not been made available, but this is what the results are as things stand at the moment, and yes they are very predictable, basically it has all stayed the same.

In the Kerkuk elections, on the other hand, the Kurds are in the lead and it seems despite turkmen tricks to give false info to some illiterate people that kurds have still come out on top, and it seems that the Kurds will have a decisive victory.

The Elections results will all be fully published within in the next few days, and some may vary however to my ones. I just thought I would give you guys a heads up on whats happening.