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Sunday, April 10, 2005

First Kurdish President

On April 6 2005, PUK leader Jalal Talabani became the first non-Arab and the first Kurd to ever become head of an Arab state. There were celebrations all over Iraq, especially up north in the Kurdish regions, even the KDP leadership and TV channel, who have long been enemies with Jalal Talabani and the PUK, sent their congratulations, they said “this was a major achievement for the Kurds”, but was it really?

By Jalal Talabani accepting the post as President of Iraq, does that mean that we as Kurds now accept that we are an integral part of Iraq?
And despite the fact that Mam Jalal is Kurdish, he is the leader of Iraq so does that means we as Kurds are once again under the leadership of an Iraqi government ruling from Baghdad?
We as Kurds saw this as a major victory over the Arabs, but did we really win everything or did the US only hype up the position and cater to our ego's by giving us a post with no real power just to appease us?

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

"Kirkuk has never been and never will be Kurdish"

The other day I was reading through Kurdish media when I saw a comment by the Shia coalition that really outraged me "Kirkuk has never been and never will be Kurdish".

I was glad however that Kak Noshirwan Mustafa, replied with his no non-sense un comprimising Kurdish attitude, that he is reknowned for, by stating;
"Kirkuk is a central issue to the Kurdish movement. We could have agreed with the Iraqi government 40 years ago if we were ready to give up on Kirkuk".

It seems that this attitude worked, as today al-Jaafari agreed to meet all demands made by the Kurds, in a meeting held with Jalal Talabani and the Kurdish leadership, in Qelachwalan, just North of Sleymani, Northern Iraq.

Shia Coalition: "Kirkuk has never been and never will be Kurdish"

Sunday, February 13, 2005

The near future of Kurds in Iraq

So now we have the Iraqi election results, we can see at least in the short-run, where the fate of the Kurds and all Iraqis is heading and what key issues will be dealt with.

Firstly I have to congradulate my Kurdish brothers and sisters for their dedication and enthusiasm during the election process. However I must admit at one point I wasn't going to vote because I was very skeptical of Americas foregin policy towards our Kurdish nation. I still feel they may betray us but then who am I to predict the future? But anyway, thanks to some close friends and family I was able to see past my skeptisism and doubts and I saw that this was a historical event for our people and it showed how, although we live in such an unrighteous world, we as Kurds fight for freedom and truth, and for this reason I finally voted.

I was quite surprised at the results. Iraqi Shiite only got 49% of the votes and Kurds got more than expected. Our 26% has put us in a very powerful position for negotiations over the permanent Iraqi constitution, which no doubt there is going to be some serious conflicts of interests over. Also no doubt it is going to be the Kurdish demands which are going to be the center peice of the negotiations. We're going to be in a strong position to negotiate because not only did we get a considerable share in the national elections but we had the majority of votes in Kirkuk, Mosul and other regions which were previously subjected to "arabization". So this means it is the peoples "democratic" right, in the fore-mentioned regions to decide on their own future, because afterall democracy basically means power by the people for the people, and also America's reason for invasion is to spread democracy to Iraq.

Now my patronising tone in the past paragraph was due to the fact that it is obvious what our enemies are going to argue in this crucial process which will determine the future of Kurds and Iraq. They will oppose Kurdish demands for Iraq to be based on a federal system and also for Kirkuk to be part of the Kurdish "Federal" state of "IRAQ", and possibly even Mosul now that the majority of the votes were cast by kurds. Also they will oppose our demand for a Kurd to be president, because of course in our enemies eyes that is close to "blasphemy" and I wish I was being sarcastic.

Because the efforts of our Kurdish leaders who made sure that the Tranisitional Administrative Law (TAL), no one party in this new upcoming government can appoint members of the cabinet or the prime minister without a two thirds majority in the Iraq assembly. This means that the Shiites will have to look to us to make up that two thirds majority if they wish to have their man as the premier and also to write the consititution.

My happiness would be much greater however if we didn't have so many dogs barking at our doorsteps, who have no right to be making pathetic threats when they have no jurisdiction to be intervening in Iraqi affairs. The loudest of these dogs is Turkey, which will try any attempt to prevent Kurds getting any sort of power than what we have currently gained, and this is where my doubts stem from because will the main power in Iraq, namely the USA, side with its Kurdish allies or its older and more important Turkish allies?

This is my main question, and I'm still weighing up the USA's interests, well at least those that are apparent to the international people, so that I can come up with my own prediction for who they will place more priority with the Turks or the Kurds?

Well whoever the US decides to side with the outcomes in both instances will be evident. On one hand if America decides to go with Turkey and betray the Kurds, then of course that great old Kurdish habbit of rebelling against great powers will be seen on a scale larger than ever before, and they will have to fight the deadliest of guerilla fighters in the middle east. Forget about the Islamists, they will be fighting Kurdish Nationalists with a burning desire to die for our people, and we dont befoul the holy verses of the Qu'ran. We will fight for the basic rights of humans all over the world. This scenario will be the devastating for both Kurds and the USA and it will yield no fruitfull result. Then on the other hand america can say they will stay true to their mission in Iraq and side with the Kurds, in which case they will gain credibility internationally and can tell Turkey to basically to shut-up and be a good puppy. Also I dont think Turkey will be stupid enough to jepordise their efforts to join the EU or their credibility world wide. This will be the most productive of the two scenarios and if there are any future conflicts they will only be confined to Iraq and not the whole region.

Finally swara told me theres some problems with my profile which we're trying to sort out. But for those who want to contact me my email address is Sapheen@hotmail.co.uk

Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Kurdish Image

Whenever I turn on KURDSAT or look up anything to do with kurds on the net, or in books it seems the same image of the suffering kurd comes into mind. We as kurds have this image of being the poor suffering people who are either always getting crushed or are crying and dying. It is a pityful image of a people who can't help themselves and are always asking for help and begging for mercy, and moaning and complaining, and this angers me because if anything we are totally the opposite.

I believe as kurds we should be portraying the image of a proud and dedicated people who don't care who we have to fight to get what we want. Instead Kurdsat and the Kurdish websites show pictures of crying children and fleeing refugees. Do they not wish to show pictures of the vicious mountain people that we are who throughout history have menaced and terrorized every great power who has made the mistake of occupying our land? I know we have suffered alot especially in this past century, but it's not like we haven't given back as good as we got. I remember when I was little hearing stories about how 8 peshmargas would terrorise platoons of the Iraqi army, and its not like the Iraqi army ever inflicted heavy casualties on our armed forces. They like all our enemies have always targeted our civilians because they couldn't do shit to our forces. In the Halabja gassing all but 4 people were civilians.

Also throughout history almost every great power in the middle-east had elite forces that consisted of kurds. The ottomans had the janissary which recruited most of its troops from our mountain tribes. Salahadin's best foot soldiers were kurds. Not to mention he himself was a kurd and probably the only respected muslim figure in the west, even more respected then the prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Afterall Salahadin was the saviour of the Muslim people when the Crusaders were terrorising the Muslim empire.

Even if you look back to the first ever records of Kurdish people you would see that we were renound for being skilled warriors. Check out this link:


especially the bit about the Greek general Xenophon. Its the oldest record of Kurds appearing in history.

Ok maybe I may be giving a picture of a people who love nothing more than fighting, but the point im trying to make is that we need to stop making ourselves look so week and pityfull, and portray a more strong image of a people who can survive against the greatest of odds. I mean we are famous for never giving up, like even when our brothers and sisters were tortured by turks and arabs it made us even more determined to seek revenge on those who dared fight us.

I hope it is just me who sees this image and if you disagree then do say so because it would ease my mind a little.

Finally look at this link and tell me what you think?


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Election Update

Hey this is a quick Election update for the elections in the Kurdistan Regiion. I got these from a trusted source, and are very reliable.

Firstly in the Sleymani "Pareyzga" or Province:
742,756 People voted, and the results are (in order of highest):

PUK - 516,619 (70%)
KDP - 87,675 (11%)
Yekgrtuy Islami - 71767 (9.73%)
Komali Islami - 48,949 (6.63%)
Communist - 5086 (0.69%)
Socialist - 4674 (0.63%)
KTP (Zahmetkeyshan) - 2655 (0.36%)
Tajamut (The Group0 - 168 (0.03%)
PPK (Pareyzgaran) - 131 (0.02%)

Making PUK winners of The Sleymani Province.

In Hawler. I do not as of yet have any percentages or how many people registered to Vote however I will tell you how many people voted for the two main parties i.e KDP and PUK, and how many seats were given to both.

The KDP (They submitted a united list, with Yekgrtu, Socialist, the Turkmens and Communist (although they may have been different)) they recieved 317,000 votes and PUK recieved 253,000 votes. There are a certain number of seats assigned to each party, here the difference between KDP and PUK is 2 seats (23-21 KDP-PUK is what I was told it could also be like hawlati predicted 30-28). You may be wandering why there is only a two seat difference between the parties, when the difference in the vote is so much well thats because like I mentioned before the KDP list consissts of other parties who will also be assigned seats.

In D'Hok it was an out wright KDP victory, also in certain areas such as Mosul the Kurds had a very good turnout, however foul play and sabotage has damaged the vote and the results are to be confirmed. Also in other Sunii areas like Qut, and Tikrit areas Kurds also had a very good turnout.

However the best News of the day comes from Kerkuk, where it has been confirmed that the United Brotherhood List (i.e KDP, PUK and some Turkmen and Arab parties) have got more than 75% of the vote which means 43 out of 58 seats. Also, even better all the non-Kurds part of this list are all pushing for Kerkuk to be re-united with Kurdistan.

So far so good for Kurds... But watch this space for more updates...

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Election Results

Ok I'm going to do something different here and write about the elctions in Kurdistan, I decided to do this as there are alot of other very good blogs like Kurdos World (Who I would like to thank for his help, with my own blog), KBU and London Kurd which have already covered the topic of elections in their area.

So.... after making numerous calls back home (Kurdistan) to see how the elections are going, and speaking to many people including some top politicians. I have been given some top notch info on how the elections are going, the results in the Kurdistan Regional election and THE KERKUK RESULT!

Firstly, I would like to say how dissapointed I am that the KDP, has again like the 92' election, pervented the course of justice and robbed the elctorate of their vote. What's even worse is the 4000 voters they took back from Kerkuk to vote in Hawler instead. I am not sad as much for the parties who lost out, but for that fact that this will make kurds look bad and the fact that it could jepordise our whole election effort. Hawler is a city which has suffered alot due to party politics, and it is sad that again it will be forced to endure more. However, I hope in the next elextions which will be coming up within the year or so, that most of the independent adjudicaters will concentrate on the KDP controlled areas to prevent this from happening again.

On the other hand I am pleased to inform that the rest of the elections have gone very smoothley there have been thank God no terrorist attacks in any of the Kurdish areas, and there has been a massive turnout.

In the "Parezga's" or provinces, that is D'hok, Hawler and Sleymani the regional winners are as follows: (You Guessed it)
D'hok: KDP
Hawler: KDP
Sleymani: PUK

I wasn't told the actual figures as they have not been made available, but this is what the results are as things stand at the moment, and yes they are very predictable, basically it has all stayed the same.

In the Kerkuk elections, on the other hand, the Kurds are in the lead and it seems despite turkmen tricks to give false info to some illiterate people that kurds have still come out on top, and it seems that the Kurds will have a decisive victory.

The Elections results will all be fully published within in the next few days, and some may vary however to my ones. I just thought I would give you guys a heads up on whats happening.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Top Zarqawi Aid Capture in Iraq

Before i get started on this post I want to say thanks to Swara who let me sign up to his Blogg and make posts.

Iraq captures 'top Zarqawi ally'
Iraq has captured the "most lethal" ally of militant leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the interim government announced, days before the election.

Sami Mohammad Ali Said al-Jaaf, also known as Abu Omar al-Kurdi, is accused of many bombings, including a blast at the UN headquarters in Baghdad in 2003.

The arrest was reportedly made on 15 January, but not immediately revealed.

A BBC correspondent says one government source played down the significance of the announcement, noting the timing.

Hours earlier, at least 10 people were reported injured in a suicide bomb in Baghdad, close to interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's party offices.

The blast was claimed by Zarqawi supporters in a statement on an Islamist website.

'Major attacks'

The Iraqi government is labelling the arrest of Abu Omar al-Kurdi as a significant victory ahead of Sunday's election.

A government statement said the suspect is accused of building about 32 car bombs since the US-led invasion, including three major attacks in August 2003:

  • The deadly bombing at the UN headquarters which killed the top UN envoy in Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello, and 21 others
  • A bombing at the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad which killed 11 people
  • The car bomb at a shrine in the city of Najaf which killed more than 85 people including Shia Muslim leader Ayatollah Muhammad Baqr al-Hakim.

The government also announced the arrest of a man described as Zarqawi's propaganda chief.

Zarqawi - who tops Iraq's most wanted list - has apparently declared war on Iraq's election.

An audio message released on the internet at the weekend, purportedly voiced by the Jordanian-born militant, called on Sunni Muslims to fight against the vote.

Insurgents have been staging regular attacks across the country, making campaigning virtually impossible.

Even the locations of the polling stations will not be announced until the night before the vote, and the massive logistical operation of getting ballot boxes and papers in place will be carried out in secrecy.

The interim government has announced sweeping security measures to protect voters, including extended curfews and shutting Iraq's borders for three days around the poll.

Now although this is obviously great news to most iraqi's and all kurds, it does however make you wonder as a kurd why are kurdish people invovled in all this non-islamist fundementalism and utter betrayl of the kurdish people???

I know this isn't surprising for us kurds because we all know that ansar or jund-islam have been around for a while in south kurdistan and before them many other groups like haraka and komali islami. But it still frustrates and angers me how kurds when faced with a greater problem of achieving self-determination, adopt this pointless and treacherous war against the west and their own muslim brothers and sisters.

Also it's no surprise that kurds betray kurds, afterall our history shows that it is our one true weekeness and in most kurds opinions the one real reason why we have no country. But still kurds betray each other and continue the deadly patern of betrayl toward one another.

In the middle-east this deadly habit we have has earned us the title of 'mercenaries of the middle-east', because we are willing to betray our people for other dishonourable reasons. And what frustrates me even more is that we are so effective at what we do. Only if we were united we would be a very dangerous force.

Just take this guy in the BBC article for example. He is either responsible or linked to two of the most deadly and symbolically signifacant attacks since the US led invasion. Also for those of you who don't know but both the UN envoy Segio Mello and Baqr Hakim were sympathetic towards the kurdish struggle for self-determinance. Both the attacks that led to the deaths of these two men were very embarasing for the US and were good weapons of propaganda in undermining the liberation of Iraq.

When will we finally learn from our mistakes and unite for the greater cause as kurds?

Well anyway this is good news and we should celebrate, but we should also learn from this example and all other examples of kurdish betrayl. Har Bji Kurd-u Kurdistan